World of V

How to create a profile and mint an NFT from mobile


In order to mint you first need to create a profile. Click on the hamburger icon.
Then click on "Create NFT".
On the minting page scroll to the bottom of the page.
Click on "update your profile".
Click on "Upload" to select or take a profile picture.
Type in your username.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Update Profile".
From your wallet click on "Continue" then on "Sign".
Go back to World of V. Once your profile is finally created you can start minting.
To mint an NFT click on the hamburger menu then click on "Create NFT".
Select the file you would like to convert in NFT.
Type in the NFT name and a description if needed.
Select the royalties.
Select the category.
Click on "Multiple Editions" if you want to have multiple editions and write down the number of editions.
Click on collection if your NFT is a part of it.
If it's part of an existing collection you can select it by clicking on "Select a collection". If it's part of a new collection you can create it by clicking on "Create it now".
Then click on "Create NFT". From your wallet click on "Continue".
Then click on "Sign".
Go back to World of V.
You've now mintend an NFT!